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Guide to evaluate Low-code platforms

The purpose of low-code platforms is to enable collaboration and accelerate the speed of application delivery and quickly bootstrap. In addition to that, low-code platforms also empower app developers

Top 15 New Swift 5 Features to Consider During iOS App Development

Apple gadgets are one of the most trusted and popular gadgets in the world. These gadgets use really cool iOS apps for functioning. Developing iOS apps with Swift programing language gives an edge to

5 Best Food App Ideas to Start Your Restaurant in 2021

The food industry is an ever-growing and consumable segment.

A food business never loses its appeal provided that it delivers quality food to its customers and can reach out to the right audience.

9 Advanced PHP Hacks That Only Expert PHP Developers Know About

WE read a question on the PHP forum where a novice developer had asked advanced PHP tips to learn PHP web development.

We thought to share it here on the blog as well.

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Web Application vs. Website: Detailed Comparison

If you often get confused between a web app and a website, this post is for you. In this post, we will compare the web app vs website and understand what makes them stand